Fiona’s thoughts about zine #2🌳🦋🤔

As we enjoy the delights of summer from wherever we are, I think its important to take time to appreciate the space where we find ourselves. I’ve been living near a corner of the Peak District in Cheshire for the last 7/8 months since fleeing London, and it’s reminded me of the importance of cherishing our beautiful natural environment. 

This is one of the things that really motivated the decision to tailor our second zine to the “Environment.” After three years of London living I’d forgotten the beauty and the calmness of living beside the trees and parks. Long walks up to Lyme Park and summer evenings laying in the garden listening to the birds as they put themselves to bed. Applying for grad jobs in London is only making me appreciate my time here more. And thinking about this natural environment in contrast to the urbanity and toxicity of the city. 

That’s why I want you guys to think about “environment” in such a broad way. I’ve developed very specific ideas about what I appreciate and love about it, what concerns me and where I’d hope to settle but these ideas aren’t the same for everyone. 

My hope is that we’ll attract artists from across the world for this issue, to see how growing up and living in varying environments affects these perceptions. What different people appreciate about the environment, whether they’re concerned by climate change, or prioritise a more abstract environment, like the virtual world. The whole generation rent thing also comes into this thinking… are most of us even given the chance to think about such broad ideas when we need to focus so hard on living fast and making enough dollar to survive? 

How has space changed the way we think? How does space affect our psychology? How does it affect us as activists? 


A couple of my happy places, where I like to hide in and amongst the greenery of the trees and the purples of the bluebells.

My dream for this project, as a curator, is to be able to bring all of these ideas together, initially in a print exhibition, in the form of a fancy, beautifully bound publication. Then to bring all the works and creators together physically for a physical exhibition. I’d love to continue the idea of experimenting with contentious and unusual spaces, and see how they affect the works. Maybe to tour the exhibition to see how the pieces change from space to space in our minds. From an abandoned warehouse in Manchester to an old barn in the countryside to a canal boat in an old industrial town. 

So on the off chance you’re a rich benefactor and stumbled across this rambley blog and made it this far down through my stumbling sentences, my email address is I accept all forms of credit haha.