Founded by Daniel Matthews and Fiona Young, DAMFCY is a curatorial collective focused on print and physical exhibitions.

Mission Statement:

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“With a belief in the potential of applied creativity and theĀ importance of the arts in advancing society, DAMFCY is committed to the exploration and deployment of art as a form of communication.

Art doesn’t simply tell the viewer what to think, by presenting a set of statistics or distant, rigid case studies. Rather, a piece of art poses questions. It provides its viewer with the freedom to interpret and the ability to empathise. It calls upon their capacity for self-examination in what is an undeniably personal experience.

To an individual standing in front of a painting, or watching a video, or circling a sculpture, art represents the direct transmission of emotion from the artist to the viewer. It constitutes an empathetic connection which allows the viewer to become involved in the most immediate sense as the content – and the emotions that accompany it – are made personally important.

By virtue of this empathetic capacity, art represents an emotive channel through which the issues relevant to our time can become the subjects of a valuable and reflexively critical discussion.

At DAMFCY, we are committed to supporting artists whose process engages with these notions.

We want to demystify art; get away from the idea that art is for the elite, and fundamentally use art as a tool to stimulate wider discussions.

In the longer term, DAMFCY will move beyond London, we want to showcase the perspectives of artists from all corners of the UK and further afield. This is a project that we hope will inspire opinions and influence decisions; we hope it will allow for critical reflection and a greater degree of understanding.”

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Daniel Matthews and Fiona Young